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Country Wedding Cakes – Couples, who are planning outdoor wedding, enjoy the life of a farm / ranch even just like western decor may choose Country western wedding cake for their dessert of wedding. The appeal of country wedding cake is far reaching. Even some of the city’s residents are drawn to the country style wedding, choosing to host their wedding in the countryside. Countries cake is great dessert for rustic wedding, and the couple chose the country themed cake for any reasons.

Selecting Country Wedding Cakes is a way to tie the whole theme together. The bride and groom may be hosting the wedding theme with more country decor and the cake is the main decorative statement for them. Instead, the couple may host a western wedding and reception, and the country wedding cake is the finishing touch. No matter what country style of wedding ceremony you are choosing, there are many options for the design of the cake.

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Such as other themed cake, Country Western cake must reflect the tone of the rest of the wedding. If you plan to meet with accidental decorated in the warehouse, you want your cake to fit the environment. Similarly, if you are planning an elegant wedding ceremony in the country’s west hall, you may want your cake to reflect the atmosphere you have created through the decor and setting.

Bjs Wedding Cakes

Bjs Wedding Cakes

Country Western cake often serves well to be carved, 3D style cake. Possible design for this cake are cowboy hat, horseshoe, windmill, barn, wagon, boots, jacket and chapters on the trunk, saddle, horse, cow or farm agricultural / animal and hay bale. Ask your baker about Country Western wedding cake pictures in their portfolio to get an idea of ​​whether you can make a sculpted cake you want. This style of cake often has expensive price, so be sure you know your budget before choosing one.

His And Hers Wedding Cake

His And Hers Wedding Cake


A tiered cake is traditional Country Wedding Cakes with two upwards to five until seven tiers in a big cake. This cake has classy shape that offers you to make an elegant country look in your cake. To decorate that cake you can as your baker to use one of the following styles.

Bandana Print: Use bandana to make a full print on your wedding cake. Pipes the outline to get simple country design

Lasso borders: Ask your baker to create a simple butter and smooth top and side’s wedding cake. Then, ask him to make the pasta rubber strap and lining the base of every tier rope. Rope can be tan, brown or white.


Southwest flair: Use a padded blanket on the cake which has Southwest flair design.  Orange, turquoise, silver and brown are typical of American Southwest flair; therefore make geometric designs by using these colors.

A simple way to embed the theme of country western in tiered cake is to apply an excellent wedding cake topper. Apply topper that allow you in decorating the cake more traditional, while preserving the aspects of the country’s western wedding design. Country Wedding Cakes are popular enough among couples who feel a strong relationship with nature and life style. It can pull the whole theme and is a delicious way to end a wedding.

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