Cutest wedding gift for wife from husband


Cutest wedding gift for wife from husband

Cute wedding gift – Surprise your wife with this wedding gift for wife ideas that can make your new wife feel happier. Start the wedding gift that will remind the important date of both into the cookware that will advance your wife’s cooking expert.

Saves the date!

Let be honest, how many husband that saves their romantic date with their wife? It is little man that can remember their first meet, first date, their engage day, or even their marriage. The story of us pieces below can make your wife feel honored and love by you after long relationship together.

·  Our story plush blanket. The blanket that printed with date of birth from both couple, the first met, the engage date, and marriage date is perfect and romantic gift to the wife.

·  Never forget the day’s canvas. This is the art pieces of wall décor that will be nice to set in new house. With the printed lovely romantic poem as background, this canvas will be great home décor in your fireplace.


Customized jewellery

Cutest wedding gift

Cutest wedding gift – Customized jewellery

Woman is always melted with sparkle of jewelry. Here, you can order for several ideas of customized jewelry such as birthstone necklace, bracelet, and many more. Here are some ideas to jewelry wedding gift for wife.

·  To the moon and back birthstone necklace. A lovely nice necklace with the birthstone of your wife and raindrop pendant is great to choose.

·   The earrings with engraved initial.


Canvas art pieces to décor home

Canvas art pieces to décor home

Canvas art pieces to décor home

There are several items option that can be chosen when it talk about art to home. Here are several unique and romantic wedding gifts that will melt your wife.

·  10 things about my wife that I love. The light box that filled with things that husband fell in love with his wife is the romantic pieces that will show how deep a husband know her wife and also to show how much his love to her.

·  The calligraphic wedding vow. There are no more romantic ways to reminder the wedding day and lasting love with the vow you says in the wedding. The wedding vows that written in the most beautiful and romantic pieces will be great to hang in living room or bedroom. You can choose from the wooden material into elegant glass frame.


Professional cookware

Cute wedding gift

Is your wife love to cook, or she starts to learn cook? Then this will be perfect wedding gift to your wife. There are several professional cookware that able to choose depend to the level of experience from your wife. Here are some examples to buy for your wife.

· Classic non-stick 10 pieces of cookware set. This is professional cookware that will make her cooking easier with easy maintenance and high quality material.

· Vitamix blender. This is great equipment that your wife will love. She can serve her husband with healthy smoothies, juice and healthy drink.

· Retro kitchen clock with timer. What better rather than just this kitchen clock that set with timer to set the oven time and steam cooker as wedding gift for wife?