Small Gift Ideas for Friends – birthday gift ideas for best friend


Small Gift Ideas for Friends

Small Gift Ideas for Friends – It may make you confuse when you need to buy gift for your friends. Since it is your friend, the gift should not be ordinary. Ideally, the gift you are going to give to your friends needs to be beneficial and functional. Here are some small gift ideas for friends which are able to be your inspirations.

1. Knitted Smartphone Case

Small Gift Ideas

Small Gift Ideas – Knitted Smartphone Case

Nowadays, it looks like every single person has their own smartphones. So that you are able to give your friends a smartphone case. In order to make it more personal and unique, knitted smartphone case is able to be a choice. You are able to buy this kind of present or you are also able to make it yourself. You just need scissors, knitting yarn, and knitting needles. Moreover, knitted smartphone case does not cost much money, especially if you make it yourself.

2. Cosmetic Rack from Cardboard

Small Gift Ideas

Small Gift Ideas – Cosmetic Rack from Cardboard

Your friend is a beauty enthusiast? Then this kind of present is a perfect choice to give to your friend. You are able to make cosmetic rack from cardboard by yourself. The way to make it is pretty easy and the materials needed are also quite cheap. Make sure the cardboard you are going to use is still in good condition. Then cover it with colorful wrapping papers. And you just need to divide the cardboard in to several parts.

3. Engraved Name Hanger

Small Gift Idea

Small Gift Idea – Engraved Name Hanger

Hanger with an engraved name of is able to be an alternative and unique choice of small gift ideas for friends. This kind of present is beneficial for your friends to hang their clothes and outfits. Moreover, engraved name hanger is able to be decoration in the room of your friends. If you think making this present yourself is too hard, you are able to buy it. Choose the one with unique design and also with the colors that are the favorites of your friends.

4. Photo Frame Made From Styrofoam

Small Gift Ideas

Small Gift Ideas – Photo Frame Made From Styrofoam

Styrofoam is able to be used as the material for gifts. One of them is a photo frame. If you want to make it by yourself, you need a styrofoam with 40 cm x 60 cm size, glue, scissors, cutter, and colorful papers. You just need to make the styrofoam becomes a photo frame shape, and design its margin with colorful papers. With this kind of present, your friends will be able to place their photos with you in order to remember your friendship.

5. Painted Coffee Mug

Small Gift Ideas

Small Gift Ideas – Painted Coffee Mug

Your friends are coffee addicts? Then, coffee mug may be a great and perfect gift for them. To make it more creative, you are able to give them a painted coffee mug. Actually, there are a lot of places which offer service to make this painted coffee mug. But if you want to make it more personal, you are able to paint the mug yourself. If you do not have a drawing skill, you can just paint the mug with motivating words. That is why it is one of the best small gift ideas for friends.

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