The ideas of wedding gifts for the couple who has everything


The ideas of wedding gifts for the couple who has everything

The ideas of wedding gifts for the couple – What you will send as wedding gifts for the couple who has everything? As they have everything, they might have unusual tastes or they are lucky financial. They perhaps couple that has been living together for years and already have kitchen fills and home just going to cut. If you invited to wedding of this couple kind, these unique wedding gifts will make your friend remember how you honored to their wedding commitment.

The ideas of wedding gifts for the couple

The ideas of wedding gifts for the couple

First and most, personalized things

They might already have everything, but how about the personalized one? Give them as unique wedding gifts of engraved items with the initials that will make your presents become more touching.  Here are several ideas of engraved items that might you want to consider.

  • Custom portrait. Here are clues to you if you want to have unique wedding gifts with portrait: choose the unusual theme. For example, the neo silhouette of the couple or their ring bearer can present elegant nuptial gifts.

  • The engraved woods. There are many items available, for example, the cutting boards, coaster, plant boxes and many more. Engrave their names and dates of the nuptial.

  • The monogrammed serving ware. This is traditional nice chose. The pieces of this ware will be great to use in table to serve guests.


Home sweet Home

Home sweet Home

The couple might already have everything to set their home, but you still have any chance to buy wedding gifts that useful for their home.  These ideas might perfect to give as wedding gifts.

  • Original artwork. Go to auction, art galleries and then find something that perfect for their home. It can be something that becomes their interest or the personalized one.

  • Trays. Seriously, this can be great wedding items if you choose right theme. The nice trays can be used as décoration for table or be used for serving.

  • Home technology. Find the home equipment that might the couple needs to accomplish. You might want to give them with new high speakers or the programmable thermostat that can make life becomes more comfortable.


Home improvement kit.

If the groom is person that loves to do all by his hand, this can be perfect ideas.

Gardening kit

They have already home to settle but garden is one part in home that always need to be retouched and maintain. This gardening kit will be nice to send as wedding gift especially if they are person that love to gardening. Buy

Kitchen cookware

Okay, a couple that has already everything might have all sizes saucepan but you still can consider for several small pans on different materials made (stainless, copper or enamel) so they will have various option to cook. The other ways, you can also choose the artisan seasoned wok or cast iron frying pan.


Here are the best, you can give them with something that they never do both together. For example, honeymoon travel to a certain romantic place or take adventures with both. If you buy wedding gifts for the couple who has everything, you are also can ask them to know what the items that might they want to have for their wedding gift.

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