Unique Wedding Gift Ideas – unique wedding gifts for couples who have everything

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Unique wedding gift ideas are various as the alternative choices for you who do not want to give money. Especially if the bride or the groom is your bestfriends, you sure want to give something anti-mainstream to them.

Here are some inspirations of anti-mainstream wedding gift:

1. Memories Bed Lamp

Memories Bed Lamp

Bed lamp itself is already a unique stuff to be given as a wedding present. In order to make it more unique, you are able to stick several photos of your bestfriends with their couples. It will make their bedrooms more romantic. Or, the photos can be of you and your best friends. This way they will always remember the friendship you guys have.

2. Sketch or CaricatureUniq wedding gift - Sketch

Uniq wedding gift – Sketch

Nowadays, there are a lot of services of making sketches and caricatures. So that you are able to make use of these services to make sketch or caricature to be given as wedding gift. This kind of wedding gift is also able to be house decorations of the bride and the groom, which makes sketch or caricature is also functional wedding gift.

3. Pillow

UNiq Wedding Gift - Pillow

UNiq Wedding Gift – Pillow

You are able to give unique and funny pillow for your friends who get married. This one of unique wedding gift ideas is also able to be decorations for bed, sofa, or chairs. So that it is able to be placed not only in one specific room, but also any other rooms. Choose the most unique pillow such as the one with picture of beard and lipstick. Choose unique and colorful pillow, or choose the ones with pastel colors so that they are suitable with any house design.

4. Rattan Basket

Uniq Wedding Gift - Rattan Basket

Uniq Wedding Gift – Rattan Basket

Give your friends who get married rattan basket to be used as the storage of their dirty clothes. This kind of wedding present is surely beneficial and functional for their marriage life. Since basket for dirty clothes is mostly forgotten. Why basket made from rattan? So that it is able to be a decorative furniture in their houses. Choose high quality rattan basket and sealed with specific liquid so that it is able to be used for a long time and not easy to rot.

5. Couple Pajamas

Couple Pajamas

Couple Pajamas

In order to keep the solidarity of the bride and the groom, couple pajamas is able to be a choice for wedding present. Moreover if you think lingerie is too much. By giving couple pajamas, you show to your bestfriends that you support their relationships to be always warm and romantic. If you want to choose this kind of wedding present, make sure you already know the sizes of your bestfriends and their lovers. Choose couple pajamas with high quality and comfortable material.

6. Shopping Voucher

Shopping Voucher

Shopping Voucher

If you are confused what to give as a wedding present for the bride, you are able to give shopping voucher. She surely will like it. Newlyweds surely need to buy some stuff for their new houses. The shopping voucher will help your friends who got married to buy some things they need. Shopping voucher is one of beneficial and unique wedding gift ideas.

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