The Etiquette of giving wedding gift card – Wedding gift card


The Etiquette of giving wedding gift card

Wedding gift card etiquette – When the wedding gift card is pleased, then what do you buy the gifts? How much you can spend to the couple? Here are some of wedding gift etiquette that can help you to consider which is the best that you can give for the couple, whether the money you can expense, gift types that match with the item registry, and many more.

wedding gift card etiquette

wedding gift card etiquette

Wedding gift card etiquette

When you are invited to the wedding, then you must be next considering for several things that listed on registry to buy. However, how if you have the budget for yourself to give to each wedding? Well, from the recent study, a wedding guest’s average spending on wedding gifts is about $99. However, if you are family or close friend from the couple, the family member are expected to spend at least $120.  In fact, even if you are not close enough to the couple, then it is not very recommendation to spend wedding gift in less than $50. If everything that listed on gift registry is over from $50-$75, then you can give the couple a gift card to the store that they are registered.

wedding gift card

It’s okay to join wedding gift in group?

If the only items that left in the registry is over from the budget or you are considerate to give the couple with the big ticket item that the couple really wants to, then join with group of wedding guest will be great.  You can join to buy the couple wedding gift card ticket to watch their favorite match or places.

wedding gift card

Wedding gift card boxes ideas

Now, if you are the couple who marriage, then have a great wedding is everything. If you are couple that prefers to accept cash in your wedding, then you can prepare for unique wedding gift card boxes that will impress your wedding guests.

· A mailbox wedding gift card. There are several unique ideas of this mailbox wedding card boxes such as the vintage stainless steel mailbox, the wooden or the wrought.

· Picnic basket wedding gift card boxes. This is perfect wedding gift card boxes for outdoor wedding theme.

· Rustic item. Rustic is always classic. You can choose several items to have unique wedding gift card boxes such as the rustic hollowed log. This is other unique ideas that perfect for outdoor wedding. The wooden log with the initial couple engraved in the wood is unique and perfect. The next idea that you also can choose is the rustic crate. You can choose made it from your old crate.

wedding gift card

· The birdcage. This is the next unique wedding gift card boxes that available in several types of material and design.

· The glass terrarium. This is classy and elegant wedding gift card boxes ideas.

The last but not least, when you are a couple that held a wedding, it is always a need for prepare wedding gift card boxes. It is still a guest that prefers to give cash into your wedding and the unique wedding gift card boxes will not only save the gifts cards but also impress the decoration.


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