The wedding gifts for bride from groom ideas


The wedding gifts for bride from groom ideas

Wedding gifts for bride from groom ideas – Here are ideas of wedding gifts for bride from groom that can make heart of bride melted.  Start from jewelry, customized mug, into dance party wedding, you can try to all these wedding gifts that perfect to give to your bride.

wedding gifts for bride from groom ideas

All about her
the wedding day is her day. It is okay to make her as the most VVIP person to attention in the wedding. You can make all about her items that will make her know how much you know her after take long relationship together. Here are some ideas to corporate:

  • Mixing CD music of her favorite song.  One of the most romantic thing that groom can make in wedding is create CD that filled with songs that represent of the relationship. This will evoke the happy feeling from your bride.

  • Love letter/poem. If you have already often wrote poem for her since have relationship, then you can make collage from your love letter or poem. If you are person that not romantic at all, the love letter/poem will be a great things as you are out from your ordinary.


Stress reliever

Wedding can be something that make bride feel stress. Groom can calm her bride with these several ideas of wedding gifts to her bride.

  • Send her a coffee with message to her.

  • Chocolate can help her to calm down.


Painting both of couple

If you want to give her with something romantic and can be used in your home, this idea is perfect to try. If you have skills of drawing, this can be most heartfelt wedding gifts for bride from groom that will make bride appreciate you more. Out of the box, find creativity with painting. Even if you have no skills, you might want to try this artwork by symbolic meaning of love present. Here, the artwork from stone shaped with couple that stands under tree that made from twig and dried leave can be a great artwork that simple to do.

Wedding gifts items that useful for honeymoon

When you go to honeymoon, you can choose several things below to present as wedding gifts to your bride.

  • Sexy robe

This is the practical wedding gifts from groom that he will also love it. The sexy lace, satin or floral rove will be perfect as wedding gifts.

  • Beach outfit, (sunglasses, bikini, hat and sunblock.

This is especially useful if you go to place and there is beach to visit. Add beach tote bag to save the items will be perfect.

  • Wifey T shirt

This is perfect gifts to wear in honeymoon.

  • Personalized cosmetic bags

There are no woman that deny how importance their cosmetic bag. Give her with the one bag or purse that can use to fill with all of her cosmetic.

Something surprise such as singing or dancing

This is the most popular surprise in wedding. You can make choreography dance with your friend to present to your bride. Choose the song that your bride favorite to hear or song that both of you love to listen together.  The simple, cheap and affordable wedding gifts for bride from groom but still memorable is the best things that need to be considered when give to bride.